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About Craft Party


Our Founder

Cally Williams Ludher comes from a crafting family. Ever since Cally was a little girl, her mom would host an annual Christmas Craft Party for her aunts and cousins. No craft was too intimidating to try - there was paint, hot glue, popsicle sticks, pom-poms, yarn, and of course glitter. You name it, they would try it.  Many of the crafts still adorn the family Christmas Tree each year.

Her mom and aunts instilled confidence, creativity, and curiosity in the entire family. Today, they still get together and fearlessly tackle new projects - all the time while laughing, learning, and making memories together.

It was these family events that inspired Cally to create Craft Party. 

She believes crafting is fun and delightful, but the best part is the camaraderie and memories that comes with it.

Our Mission

We believe that crafting has the power to...

  • Cultivate creativity

  • Teach valuable hands-on skills

  • Foster community

  • Create lasting memories 


...among friends, families, kids, and adults regardless of experience or abilities.  


Everyone has the potential to make something wonderful.

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