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Craft Options

We offer a variety of crafts!  No experience necessary.  

We provide everything you need in individual craft kits.  

Kit pricing is per person.  Additional fees apply.

Browse below to find the perfect activity for your next party.

Not seeing quite the right project?  

Contact us about custom options - we're happy to brainstorm with you.


Pay homage to somewhere special.

Great beginner embroidery project. Learn basic stitches while creating a lovely item for yourself or someone else! Completely customizable - any state or country! 

$ 45.00 per person

Learn how to up-cycle magazines into beautiful, unique, lasting paper beads. No two will be alike! Includes all materials to make 2 bracelets per person.

$ 45.00 per person


Learn how to make beautiful embroidery floss friendship bracelets. The possibilities are endless once you learn the basic knots! Includes everything you need for at least 2 bracelets.

$ 35.00 per person

A great project to make for a new baby or a soon-to-be-newlywed couple. Choose your letter and a decorative theme - florals, outerspace, holidays - endless possibilities! Learn how to transfer a pattern to fabric and a number of basic stitches. Includes everything for to make 1 complete monogram.

$ 45.00 per person


Great for kids and adults. Learn how transform boring perler beads into something a little more interesting (hint - it involves melting them!) while also learning the basics of how to make elastic beaded jewelry. Supplies for at least 3 bracelets per person.

$ 35.00 per person

What's your sign? A simple beginner embroidery project that teaches pattern transfer, basic stitches, lettering, and embellishments (yay beads and sequins!). Can be completed on provided fabric, or if you're feeling fancy, BYO basic tee to bedazzle! Includes everything to make 1 complete zodiac sign embroidery.

$ 45.00 per person


This knotting technique is shockingly simple but makes beautiful woven cords! A great project for kids and adults. Great for people of any and all abilities.

Learn how to make your own Kumihimo wheel and includes enough materials to make 2 bracelets.

$ 35.00 per person

A great group project where everyone contributes to make a one-of-a-kind gift - maybe for a mama-to-be, a pair of newly weds, or beloved grandparents. The group brings paper items that have meaning - photographs, pages from a special book, meaning fun sheet music, ticket stubs, etc - and Craft Party will help you transform those items into decorative, meaningful garlands. 

$ 35.00 per person


Learn how to make simple but beautiful paper mobiles. A great gift for a new baby or a way to spruce up your home office. Endless possibilities for shapes and colors. Includes everything for 1 mobile per person.

$ 35.00 per person

Craft Party loves working with paper. We can help you learn how to make greeting cards, invites, table settings, party decorations, and more. Great activity for DIY bridal parties who are helping prep for the big day! We'll work with you to create a custom project.

variable : $ 25.00-50.00 per person

2021-10-29 Craft Party Coming Soon.001.jpeg

Crafting is an essential part of our holidays here at Craft Party! Let us work with you to create a custom holiday craft - ornaments, decor, or gifts. Perfect for holidays big and small, from Halloween to Christmas to Valentines!

variable : $ 25.00-50.00 per person

Nothing above sound quite right?

Let's chat about custom options! We'd love to brainstorm with you to help make your next event special.

2021-10-29 Craft Party Custom.001.jpeg
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